3 Pertinent Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips

Hair and makeup have a huge impact on the wedding day. Since those services are generally the first interaction with wedding day vendors, if those services are running late, the rest of the day will naturally run late too. If those services run on time or ahead of schedule, there’s downtime to relax or get ahead of the wedding day schedule.

Here are three of the most important tips to consider once you’ve hired your professional hair and makeup team, and now it’s time to work on the schedule:  

TIP #1: Have all of your wedding party members getting professional hair and/or makeup be onsite from the start time.

WHY: This may sound strange to do if each of your members are scheduled in different time slots for hair and makeup and some are much later in the schedule. However, if your vendors finish with one person faster than what’s on the schedule, they will want to move on to the next person to not waste time. It’s better for hair and makeup vendors to be ahead of schedule and have time for touch ups at the end than run late and scramble to finish up their services.

TIP #2: When it’s possible, the bride should be in the middle of the schedule, not at the end.

WHY: You might be wondering, why wouldn’t the bride be last for hair and makeup so everything looks fresh? It may sound strange to put the bride in the middle of a hair and makeup schedule, but there’s a couple good reasons for this. If hair and makeup is running late, the last thing we want is for the bride to be last in line. The vendors will feel rushed to get to her, and everything will run late from the start of the day. It’s unnecessary stress. Also, the bride has more “things” to do after getting hair and makeup done. For example, the photographer will want to take pictures of the bride getting into her dress, bridal portraits and potentially a first look with her partner. The other members getting hair and makeup done are not always a part of these things, so hair and makeup services can continue even if the bride is in the middle of the schedule.  

TIP #3: For anyone getting professional hair and makeup done: wear a button-down shirt or robe, show up with a washed face and clean/dry hair, and eat well beforehand.

WHY: Each member should wear a button-down shirt or robe so it’s easier to change into wedding clothes after hair and makeup is done. This will help prevent hair and makeup from getting messed up since you won’t have to pull something over the head and shoulders area. Clean/dry hair and a washed face result in efficient and timely services. For example, up-dos take longer to do (average time is 45 minutes but can be longer) than curls (average time is 30 minutes). Since both take time, the last thing you want to do is show up with wet hair that needs to be dried before it’s styled, adding more time to the schedule. Same goes for makeup. If you show up with foundation or other makeup already on your face, the artist will ask you to wash your face first and that can cause a delay in the schedule. Eat and stay hydrated as much as possible before you get your makeup done to help keep your makeup looking fresh.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

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