4 Benefits to Getting Married on a Weekday

Although weekend weddings are common for a reason, weekday weddings are on the rise. Friday weddings, in particular, are becoming more popular. Why? There are plenty of benefits to the couple, but below are the biggest four.

Budget Friendly

From venues to vendors, a couple may find that hosting their wedding on a weekday can result in discounted rates as wedding professionals are generally not as booked on weekdays as they are on weekends. Venues and vendors may offer lower rates to book the off dates, which can allow more flexibility in a couple’s overall wedding budget.

Vendor Availability

Many of the best venues and vendors need to be booked far out in advance. If a couple really wants to book a popular or specific venue or vendor, having a weekday wedding increases the chances of their availability and may save some money in the process.

Intimate Atmosphere

For a couple who is looking to have a small wedding with their nearest and dearest guests, the day of the week may not be an issue since a smaller guest list offers more flexibility with scheduling and availability.   

Friday Fun

Ending the workweek on a high note with drinks, dancing and more wedding merriment and having the rest of the weekend to recover can be a hit amongst your guests.

The biggest con to getting married on a weekday is it can be an inconvenience to your guests between their work schedules and other commitments (child’s sporting event, classes, client dinners, etc.), but your most important guests who you really want to be there will make every effort, especially if you give proper notice.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

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