5 reasons why you should pay for a hair and makeup trial

If you are planning to have professional hair and makeup on your wedding day, it is essential to have a hair and makeup trial done beforehand. However, a H&M trial cost $$$ and with all the wedding expenses adding up for the big day, it may seem like an unnecessary cost. Sometimes, people assume a hair and makeup trial should be complimentary, especially if they already hired the beauty team for their wedding day, but keep in mind trials cost money because a wedding artists are spending their valuable time working on perfecting  your look as well as using their tools and products in the process.

There are 5 benefits to having a wedding hair and makeup trial:

  • You can test out different styles to see which one suits you—whether you have a preference on products, are going for a certain look depending on your dress, want multiple looks depending on the time of day or something else, a H&M trial is a perfect time to experiment.
  • You can make adjustments so your wedding day look is exactly what you want—don’t worry, your H&M team will not feel bad if you’re not feeling something.
  • You can find out how long your makeup will last and see if there is anything you need to keep in mind for the wedding day—you can decide if you want regular makeup or upgrade to airbrush makeup, see if you will need a touch up mid-day, etc. 
  • You can become familiar/comfortable with your beauty team—every artist handles things differently, so a trial is a perfect time to discuss what to expect. 
  • You can utilize your trial look—whether it’s for something significant like engagement photos or something fun like a date night, you might as well enjoy the look that you paid for.

A hair and makeup trial is also a great time to discuss any allegories you (or your wedding party) may have as well as ask questions (how to prepare the morning of), so everyone is on the same page on the wedding day. 

A hair and makeup trial is an essential but often overlooked wedding item, but is absolutely worth the money and time. You won’t regret doing one!

Thursday, August 31, 2023

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