Engaged Couples: Postpone Don’t Cancel Your Wedding

The coronavirus pandemic continues to alter all aspects of life. Unfortunately, engaged couples who have spent several months (or even years) planning their wedding day are forced to change their plans as social distancing and shelters-in-place remain in effect. Since it is unknown when things will get back to “normal,” couples are generally making two decisions: postponing their wedding or cancelling their event entirely.  

As a wedding professional, I speak on behalf of the industry when I say we are devastated for every couple affected by the coronavirus. This is truly an unbelievable time and we are all heartbroken by what is happening, but also know the most important thing is for everyone to be safe and healthy. The reality is we’re in a serious and scary health crisis, so if plans have to change, we must be socially responsible and do what is right and necessary.

But as a wedding planner, I cannot stress this enough: engaged couples, don’t cancel your special day, postpone it. Your wedding may not look the way you envisioned it, and I’m so sorry for it, BUT that doesn’t mean you still can’t have the wedding day of your dreams. If you’re in a situation where you’re debating to cancel your wedding or postpone it, I strongly encourage you to postpone. You can and will get married, it just might not be the way you originally imagined it. 

To be candid, cancellations will destroy the event industry and result in several companies, especially small business owners, being in financial ruin. If you end up cancelling, please understand that you are not entitled to any refunds and may even owe additional payments. This, of course, all depends on the contracts you’ve signed with your vendors, but it’s important to put that out there. If you cancel your wedding, you will lose thousands of dollars. Postponements, on the other hand, though stressful and potentially difficult to manage, may save you more money, potentially let you transfer the money you’ve already invested into a new wedding date and, most importantly, give you and your partner your special day. Please note every vendor handles postponements and fees differently as everyone is in survival mode right now, but it will likely be better in the long run to postpone than cancel. Whatever you decide, please remember when dealing with your vendors and the aftermath, it’s nothing personal—this isn’t your fault any more than it is your vendors’ faults. 

Times are hard right now, but remember to stay calm, be patient, ask for help and count your blessings—we will all get through this!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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