Pros and Cons of Faux Wedding Florals

Choosing wedding décor can be overwhelming and expensive. Most couples chose to go with fresh flowers, but recently more and more couples are turning to non-traditional options. With the ever-improving quality of fresh flower alternatives, options like sola wood flowers and silk flowers are growing in popularity. Below we outline the pros and cons of choosing faux flowers over fresh florals.





No care required

No allergens

All flowers available in all seasons


Questionable quality/may not look like fresh flowers

Cost Savings

One of the main reasons couples are turning to fresh flower alternatives is affordability. Fresh florals for a wedding can easily cost a thousand or many thousands of dollars. For couples trying to save, going with a fresh flower alternative is an easy way to cut costs.

Sola wood flowers, which are made from thin, lightweight pieces of wood, typically cost at least 50% less than fresh flowers. Silk flowers, the artificial flowers found at your local craft store, will range in price depending on quality. Moderately high-quality bouquets can be purchased online for a bit less than fresh flowers. Renting luxury faux florals is also an option for budget savvy couples who can save upwards of 70% compared to fresh florals. 

Long Lasting

If durability is a high priority for your event, consider a fresh flower alternative. Sola wood flowers and artificial flowers are much better suited for harsh environments like hot outdoor events. Both can be kept forever as a memento of your special day, or they can be resold online because they are durable and will last. On the other hand, fresh florals are fresh for only a few days before wilting. 

Environmentally Friendly

Fresh and faux flowers both have strengths and weaknesses when it comes to assessing environmental impact. Fresh florals and sola wood flowers are biodegradable, so they won’t end up in a landfill like plastic fake flowers. However, fresh flowers often take large amounts of water, pesticides and energy. They are often transported internationally via airplane, which is environmentally taxing. If you are interested in “green” options, talk to your florist or consider getting fake flowers to use and resell, so someone else will be able to reuse them.

Easy Care

There’s no question about it. Caring for fresh flowers can be challenging and stressful. Fresh flowers require moderate temperatures, water and delicate handling to ensure they don’t get wilted or mashed. Transportation can also be very difficult and time consuming. Oftentimes only a trained florist can properly transport delicate flowers. On the other hand, fresh flower alternatives require virtually no care, and transportation is much easier.

No Pollen, No Allergies

For many, the sweet scent of fresh flowers is the final touch to a beautiful wedding. For others, the same fragrance will cause them to be congested and sneezing because of the presence of pollen in fresh florals. Some couples prefer the fragrance-free alternatives to fresh flowers, while other couples choose to use essential oils or perfumes to add an extra element to their flower alternatives. With faux florals, you can choose to add a fragrance or not.


With fresh florals, not all varieties of blooms will be available in all seasons. And if you want a particular flower that is out of season, it will be costly. Typically, this isn’t very limiting, but it’s something to consider if you have a specific floral preference in mind or a limited floral budget.

Let’s Talk Quality

Artificial flowers vary in quality. Some results look realistic and amazing, but others look unnatural and cheap. Typical craft store fake flowers are made of low-quality plastics that end up looking tacky or kitschy in floral arrangements. This gives fake flowers a bad reputation, but quality options are available. High-end faux flowers are made of silk or other fabrics, and they really do look real. If you are set on the look of fresh blooms, silk flowers are the best alternative to consider. 

Sola wood flowers are beautiful, floral alternatives that offer lovely textures and colors. However, sola wood flowers are not meant to replicate the look of fresh flowers. They have their own unique, often rustic look. Sola wood flowers can look like fresh flowers in photos, but in person the texture of the wood and the color difference between sola flowers and fresh flowers is noticeable. For many couples, the beauty of sola wood flowers is enough even if they don’t replicate the look of fresh flowers.

If you’re considering faux florals, but want them to look like real blooms, make sure to get high-quality products.

This is a guest post from Silk Stem Collective.

Friday, January 15, 2021

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