The Best Tip I Can Give You About Your Wedding Dress

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most fun parts of wedding planning. If you’re looking for tips on how to have a successful experience, check out this post. If you have already found the one, please read on. 

Here is the most important tip I can give you regarding your wedding dress: Have one trusted person (a bridesmaid, sibling, close friend) attend your dress fittings with you and know exactly how to bustle your dress.

As a wedding planner who has seen it all, I cannot stress how important this is. At some point during the wedding (usually during the cocktail hour or reception), the bride is ready to bustle her dress so she can move freely for the rest of the day. Unless the bride has a wrist loop bustle that is simple and straightforward for her to do one her own, every dress bustle is different and most include multiple hidden loops and buttons under the skirt or train that need to be pinned up in a specific way. 

Bustling a dress can take a while but is especially time consuming when you have a person or group of people who don’t know how to do it trying to “help” on the day of but is taking up precious time on an already jampacked day. Some brides in the past have asked for my help to bustle their dress on the day of. I have helped when needed, however as the wedding planner, I strongly recommend to my brides to have someone assist them and expect me not to be that person because I am juggling all the big and small details and working with their venue and vendor team to keep things on time, the flow of events moving and guests happy so everything the couple wanted on their wedding day actually happens. If you have one trusted person who attends your dress fittings, learns from the store experts on the best way to bustle your specific dress and actually practices bustling during the fittings, the process will go smoothly on the day of. 

If you are a bride who wants someone to help you bustle your dress or even help you get dressed on the day of (steam your gown, assist with outfit changes, help put on jewelry, etc.) but don’t want to give a loved one that responsibility, consider hiring a wedding dress consultant or bridal consultant who specializes in dressing to help you and your wedding party get ready on the day of the wedding. 

Whether a loved one or a consultant helps you bustle your dress on the wedding day, having one allotted person to practice bustling the weeks or months leading up to the wedding is something you will not regret on the day of.

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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