Top 10 Questions to Ask Hotels When Considering a Room Block

Whether you have a bunch of out-of-towners or local loved ones attending your wedding, it can be a nice gesture to offer a room block at a hotel nearby your reception venue to your guests over your wedding weekend. Reserving a room block might sound easy and straightforward, but there are several pertinent questions to ask any hotel you reach out to before deciding to go with them for a block. Below are the 10 most important questions to ask.

Do you offer a courtesy room block?

Hotels would much rather offer you a regular block of rooms because it requires some type of financial commitment on your end, but it doesn’t hurt to ask about a courtesy block since many hotels offer one but don’t advertise it.

Is there a minimum number of rooms you have to block out to get a room block? Is there an attrition clause?

Some hotels require a guaranteed minimum number of rooms to be booked by you and your guests, which if that’s the case, usually involves a signed contract. It’s important to find out if there is such a requirement and, if so, how many rooms. It’s also important to find out if there is an attrition clause—a commitment to pay for a specific number of rooms and should your number decrease, this reduction may require a payment as a penalty. If there is a financial commitment of any kind to hold your room block, find out if a deposit is required, how much it is, the structure of payments and when the final payment is due.

What amenities are included?

Is there a pool or fitness center? Is WIFI or breakfast included in the rate? Does the newlywed couple get a complimentary suite on their wedding night? It’s good to know all the facilities and features of what’s included and compare to other hotels to see which one(s) meet you and your group’s specific needs.

What is the cutoff date for guests to book rooms?

Hotels will usually give a specific date that guests need to make their room reservations by under your block to get the discounted rate before the hotel releases the number of rooms held for your group, as well as the discounted price.

Can more rooms be added at the same discounted rate if the block fills up?

Most hotels will allow you to add more rooms to your room block before the cutoff date if they have availability.

Can reservations be accepted at the discounted room block rate after the cutoff date if there is availability?

This answer will vary from hotel to hotel, since some policies are stricter than others. If there is availability and it’s not a busy weekend for the hotel, they may be more accommodating to this request.

How do guests book their room reservations with our hotel block?

Usually it’s one of two ways: Guests have to call the hotel directly or the hotel will provide an online group code or custom link so guests can book their reservations on the hotel’s website. The latter is easier and preferred.

Will there be a point person who will coordinate my block or will I be dealing with different people every time I have questions regarding my block? How will you let me know who has reserved rooms?

It’s nice to have a hotel coordinator who specifically deals with room blocks as a point person instead of a group of people who work at the hotel and will take turns answering your questions or calls. A lot of hotels will email you a document with a list of guest reservations at different points during the booking phase, so you get updates of who is staying at the hotel.

Can I deliver welcome bags to the hotel prior to guest check in?

Most hotels will allow this as it’s a common practice to have welcome bags for your guests staying at the hotel, but it’s important to find out if there is a charge and what date can you drop the bags before your wedding weekend.

Is there a penalty if I cancel my whole room block?

Hopefully this is worst case scenario, but things do come up and it’s important to know if there is a financial penalty if you end up cancelling your entire room block.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

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