Wedding Venue FAQ

Whether you’re having the ceremony and reception at the same location or at different sites, it’s important to ask pertinent questions while venue hunting and touring spaces. Here are 15 questions to ask regarding ceremony and reception locations.

Ceremony Questions

  • What is the maximum capacity of the ceremony site?
  • What time slots are available? Does the time slot include setup/cleanup for decorating?
  • What is included in the rental? (for example: chairs, chair setup, etc.) What is the deposit/payment schedule to reserve the date?
  • Is the venue handicap accessible?
  • What is the parking situation for guests? Is it free?
  • Is alcohol allowed at the site?
  • Do you allow décor such as flower petals, candles, rice or bubbles?
  • Are there any rules or restrictions on flash photography, video or music?
  • Is there any type of music or sound system available to use?
  • Are there separate rooms available for the bride and groom to be in before the ceremony?
  • Is there an onsite officiant available? Are outside officiants allowed?
  • If the ceremony is outdoors, is there a backup location available in case of bad weather?
  • Is there an onsite coordinator who will be present that day?
  • Will the venue be open to the public during the ceremony?
  • Are there additional rules or fees we should be aware of?

Reception Questions

The questions above certainly apply to the reception as well, but below are 15 additional questions to ask the reception venue.

  • What is the maximum capacity vs. recommended guest count for the reception site?
  • What packages are available?
  • Do you provide catering, or can we choose our own caterer? Do you have a preferred list?
  • What is the alcohol policy?
  • If you provide catering and alcohol, is there a food & beverage minimum?
  • When is the final guest count due?
  • Are there sufficient restrooms for the amount of guests?
  • What type of electricity and power are available?
  • How many other events might be happening on the same day?
  • Is there a changing room or bridal suite available?
  • Do you allow flower petals, confetti and candles?
  • Do you provide tables, chairs and linens? If so, what is available?
  • Do you provide china, glassware and flatware?
  • Can we view the site when another wedding is being set up?
  • Do we need to obtain event insurance?

It’s important to ask questions and know what exactly is included in the rental fee when choosing and booking a wedding venue(s).

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

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