Wedding Website 101

A wedding website isn’t just a popular way to spread the word to your guests about your wedding details, it’s also a digital platform that stores everything about your big day and lasts well beyond your nuptials.

Here’s a 3-step process to create your wedding website that gives your guests a good user-friendly experience.

Choose the wedding website platform to build your website.

Our personal favorite platform is The Knot because it has the most template options and is the easiest to navigate in our opinion, but here are some other options for wedding website platforms.

Share local information on your website and do not share exclusive events.

The most important items to put on your website for all guests to know include:

  1. Ceremony and reception start times
  2. Each venue’s addresses if they are at different locations
  3. Parking information at venue(s)
  4. Wedding registry information
  5. Hotel room block information (if applicable)
  6. Arranged transportation (if applicable)
  7. Online RSVP if you’d like guests to have the option to reply online

Guests will also appreciate images of you and your partner, the story of how you two met or the proposal, and pictures and/or bios of your wedding party. It’s important to not share private events on the website, such as an intimate wedding party rehearsal dinner or family only brunch. Send digital or paper invitations directly to those selected few for any private events so the majority of your guests don’t feel left out.

Use any extra features your website platform includes.

Each website platform has different features included. For example, The Knot has a lot of integration options for wedding registries while Zola has their own registry for couples to use, but Zola has a more robust guest list feature than The Knot. Research your website platform to see what’s included. Those features can make your life easier during the wedding planning process.

Monday, September 30, 2019

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