What day-of wedding tasks can I delegate?

Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but if you have loved ones who are too involved and constantly asking how they can help, it can feel daunting. Below are eight tasks your loved ones can help you with on the wedding day itself to keep your stress level down and your loved ones occupied.

Read during the Ceremony

Whether you have a religious or civil union, it’s common for readings about love and marriage to take place during the ceremony, and someone(s) is going to have to read them. If it’s not your officiant, this is a great opportunity to ask a friend or family member to participate in your ceremony by doing a reading.

Make Announcements

Sometimes there are announcements that need to be made, particularly before or after the ceremony. Asking guests to turn off their cellphones before the ceremony begins or asking specific guests to stay after it’s finished for pictures are common announcements, so you can ask a friend or loved one to make these special requests.  

Usher during the Ceremony

Whether your event is 25 people or 250 people, it’s nice for guests to be welcomed by friendly faces. Ask a few friends or loved ones you and your partner are close with to greet and seat guests for your ceremony.

Pass out Programs or Favors

Your ushers can help with this, or you can have other friends and family join the team to help with passing out programs during the ceremony and/or distributing wedding favors after the reception when guests are leaving your wedding.

Greet during the Reception

Again, your ushers can help with this, or you can have other friends and loved ones greet and seat guests for your reception.

Ask Guests to Sign the Guest Book

This task may sound small, but if you plan on having a guest book, poster, puzzle or any other items that requires signing by your guests at your wedding, assign a friend or family member to take charge of this. It’s sad but true that many types of guest books go unsigned, even if it is displayed well in sight. If you have a dedicated person kindly reminding guests to sign your book, it is more likely to be filled with messages and signatures.

Guard the Card Box

This may sound unnecessary, but it’s a good idea to have a dedicated person keep an eye on the card box. The card box is filled with a lot of cash and check gifts and can catch someone’s eye for the wrong reason. You may assume that anyone who attends your wedding would never steal from you, and maybe your guests wouldn’t, but there are a ton of vendors, venue & catering staff and more people who can pass through your event to consider. You may even ask the trusted person you choose to take home your cards to be picked up by you or a loved one the following day.

Pack Miscellaneous Décor Items

When your wedding ends, the last thing you or your partner want to worry about is packing up miscellaneous décor items you bought like champagne flutes, a cake cutting set, card box, guest book, extra wedding favors and menus, table numbers, signage and more. Ask a friend or loved one to pack up and take back these items and give them a list of everything that should be included so they don’t forget anything on your behalf.

If you want ideas of wedding tasks your loved ones can help with before the wedding day, check out our last blog post here.

Monday, March 15, 2021

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