Why Every Business Owner Should Do a Branding Shoot and How to Plan One

I hate being in front of the camera. I don’t like to be in the spotlight, which is why I became a wedding planner. I work well behind the scenes.

Ever since I started my business in 2017, I heard about the importance of doing a branding photoshoot, i.e. professional images that represent a business visually, but I avoided the idea completely as I’m extremely camera-shy. Over time though, I learned how powerful these images can be through my colleagues and research. This is not the same as a wedding styled shoot where you create a mock wedding set up with a guest table design, models in wedding attire, and wedding decor.

Professional branding images are more than just headshots. They are strong visuals that represent a person, their business, and their overall vibe. These images are important because potential clients want to know the face, or faces, behind a company—they want to connect and relate to others. (Side note: On the rare occasions I posted an image of myself on my business channels, I noticed more likes, comments, and engagement on those posts than any others!) 

So I finally bit the bullet and did a branding shoot. And guess what? My branding session turned out to be fun, comfortable, and gave me more self-confidence than I ever expected! Why? I put a lot of thought and planning into it. For anyone considering doing a branding photoshoot—and I think every wedding planner and business owner should do one—I strongly suggest the following tips to make it a fruitful experience.

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Thursday, April 15, 2021

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