10 Miscellaneous Wedding Costs Every Couple Forgets About

Most couples think about the big purchases when it comes to their wedding day (the venue rental, food and alcohol, photography, music, etc.), but there are a TON of smaller forgotten expenses that can quickly add up over time. Here are 10 of the most common and most forgotten miscellaneous wedding costs to include in your wedding budget.


Stamps for invitations and RSVP reply cards

Most basic two-piece invitation suites (invitation + RSVP card) will require a Forever Stamp at the rate of $0.55 per piece, an increase of 5 cents from 2018. If there are additional enclosures to the card, the additional weight to the envelope will require more postage.

wedding party gifts

Wedding party gifts

Etiquette says $75-150 per wedding party member is a proper amount to spend on each gift to acknowledge their support and help with the wedding.

cake topper

Ceremony and reception extras

A ring bearer pillow, flower basket, guest book, table number holders, extra signage, cake toppers, cake serving set and candles are all extra wedding items that may need to be purchased for the big day.

wedding favor

Wedding favors

Many couples spend $2-3 per guest, but the guest size and overall wedding budget should determine the appropriate amount to spend for favors if they are being provided at the wedding.


Spa appointments

A pre-wedding mani & pedi, wax and/or massage to look and feel your best before the wedding day are expenses not to forget.


Tailoring of wedding attire

Wedding dress or tux/suit alterations are not always included when purchased or rented, so it’s important to find out how much tailoring will cost.

wedding accessories

Wedding accessories

Wedding rings, other jewelry, a hairpiece, cufflinks, a tie, shoes—there are several accessories that may be purchased to complete wedding attire.

vendor tip

Vendor tips

Although tipping is not a requirement, it’s common for couples to tip vendors a certain amount or percentage on the wedding day for exceptional service. It’s good to keep cash on hand on the wedding day to tip your vendors who went above and beyond.


Other stationery

Ceremony programs, place cards, menu cards, table numbers and thank you cards are other stationery items you may need.

service charge and tax

Service charges and taxes

Service charges and taxes are commonly included in catering, hotel and venue contracts. A service charge can range from 18-25% in the Chicago area and taxes can range from 8-12% in the Chicago area. They are quite hefty charges that are commonly forgotten expenses.

When you’re calculating your budget and estimating approximately what amount or percent to spend on each category, don’t forget to include a miscellaneous expense section in your overall wedding budget because A LOT of items will end up falling in that category.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

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