3 Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

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A traditional guestbook is a wedding detail that sounds great in theory—guests leaving meaningful messages that you and your partner can look back on at a later date—but unfortunately most guests don’t sign them or only a few of the several pages fill up making the item awkward. Below are three creative alternatives that fulfill the concept of a guest book but are more personalized and can even be displayed in your home.

Date Night Jar Guest Book

A date night jar guest book is a unique and fun alternative to a traditional guest book that gets guests to interact and write down their favorite date night ideas for you and your partner. You’ll need a vessel to hold the date ideas (glass jar for example), an item to write the date ideas on (popsicle sticks for example) and markers. Don’t forget to have a sign instructing guests on what to do (they should sign the item that has their date night idea so you know who suggested it), and make sure the chosen item is large enough to write on and small enough to fit in the vessel.

Puzzle Piece Guest Book

Have guests sign blank puzzle pieces to make this guest book alternative both a fun game and an instant keepsake. You and your partner will have fun assembling this “book” together and can have it framed for home décor. Choose how many pieces you want, the size and shape of the puzzle. Don’t forget to include markers and a sign explaining what guests should do. And make sure the puzzle pieces are large enough to be written on.

Photo Guest Book

Dedicate an area or station with polaroid/instant film cameras and markers. Let guests take pictures of themselves, stick them in a simple book and sign the page to create an album or have guests sign the back of their pictures and place them in a box for you to take home to make your own album later. Just like the other two alternatives, don’t forget to include a sign that tells guests what to do.

Weddings don’t always have to follow tradition, so take traditional items, like a wedding guest book, and add your unique twist to it. You will really enjoy the memento if you make it your own!

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