3 Factors that Influence the Cost of Wedding Cake

Cake tasting is arguably one of the best parts of wedding planning for those who opt in to have a wedding cake. Why? Because… cake. Although trying different cake combinations is fun, figuring out how much it will cost is not. If you’re not sure what to expect, below are three factors will impact the cost of a wedding cake. 


There are several design elements that will determine the cost and it essentially depends on how intricate the cake design is: frosting (buttercream vs fondant), sugar work (sugar flowers vs fresh flowers), patterns (piping versus hand painting versus airbrushing) and more. A cake baker will be able to accurately price out how much a cake design will be if you provide images of wedding cakes you like, so make sure to pin a few.


The number of guests who will attend your wedding as well as the number of tiers of your cake will influence costs. Some couples opt for a smaller wedding cake and have additional sheet cakes in the back for their caterer to cut up and serve to their guests. This combination can be the best of both worlds because couples still have a beautifully designed wedding cake to show off during the wedding, just on a smaller scale, and the additional sheet cakes to serve their guests, which will keep costs down because sheet cakes don’t require the design that a wedding cake will have since they aren’t shown to guests. 

Flavors & Fillings

Most bakeries will include two tiers of flavors and fillings: popular/common and specialty. The type of ingredients used will make a difference in the cost. The popular flavors and fillings will usually be included in the average cost per slice whereas specialty flavors will be an additional amount since uncommon ingredients are harder and more expensive to get. 

Keep in mind taxes, delivery and other fees depending on the ultimate design are not usually included in the estimate, so it’s important to ask about those so you have an accurate idea of the total cost. 

Friday, September 30, 2022

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