7 Unique Ways Couples Made Their Wedding THEIRS

When it comes to a wedding, there are several things needed to pull off the event but sometimes it’s hard for couples to figure out a way to insert their unique flare. The great news is, couples can incorporate a representation of themselves through almost anything—food, beverage, music, décor, signage and more—but below are 7 real-life examples that I absolutely love how couples made their wedding theirs

Cookie Table

One of my groom’s family members created a cookie table with nearly 1,000 cookies handmade by his family! It was their version of a dessert table, and it was delicious. 

Chips & Salsa

One of my couples loved making salsa as a hobby and incorporated their salsa into their late-night snack/wedding favor. They included Donkey tortilla chips with the jars of salsa, which was not only a natural match, but had part of the groom’s name in it! 


One of my couples incorporated baseball into their wedding details because the groom was a former minor league baseball player. The bride had a surprise groom’s cake brought out during the reception and their “guest book” was his jersey. 

Cat Love

One of my couples had a cat and incorporated their pet in a small but adorable way: their cake topper. 


One of my brides loved the color green, so it was included in her linen, lighting and cake!

Kissing Tree

My husband and I incorporated a kissing tree into our wedding. We’re not big on PDA but know glass clinking is inevitable during a wedding reception, so our emcees announced the kissing tree game when our reception started. If glass clinking occurred, a card would be chosen off our kissing tree and that card had a name of a couple attending our wedding on it. The chosen couple would have to kiss first, and my husband and I would mimic what they did. It was not only a hilarious hit, but the chosen couples throughout the night came up on the dance floor to display their smooch with dances, dips and more!


It hasn’t happened yet, but one my couples who is getting married in 2023 got engaged at a magic show last year. They have hired a magician to entertain their guests during their cocktail hour, which I find to be a special way to give a call back to their engagement.

Don’t be afraid to add flare into your wedding—those details are what make a wedding the most unique!

Thursday, September 15, 2022

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