3 Things Couples Forget in Regard to Their Vendors

You may feel overwhelmed as you get closer to your wedding day because you hope all the details you’ve planned for months (or more!) on end will perfectly come together on your big day. But take heart, it takes a village to make the magic of a wedding happen. The professional vendors you hired for your wedding will take care of you. Since your vendor team will do all that they can to make your wedding day perfect, don’t forget to take care of them! Below are three things to do for your vendors before and on your wedding day.

Get the venue’s load in and parking instructions

Each venue has their own set of rules in regard to vendors loading in their equipment and where to park on or around their property. Be sure to find out from your venue coordinator what instructions to give to your vendors ahead of time, so they can have a smooth setup experience on the wedding day.

Provide meals

If you plan on feeding your guests on your wedding day, you should also plan to feed your vendor team. Most of your vendors will be servicing your wedding day for several hours, if not the entire day. It’s only appropriate to provide them with a meal. Vendors get hungry too! Especially when they’re working. Providing a meal is a thoughtful gesture to keep your vendors happy and full so they can continue to work hard during your wedding.

Don’t forget to tip

Although it’s not mandatory, tipping is always appreciated for a job well done. It’s a kind and thoughtful gesture you can do for your vendors. Your vendors work hard to make your wedding day the event you envisioned. Don’t forget to tip your vendors who provided great service or service that went above and beyond your expectations.

Your vendors will take care of your wedding day by providing professional services and products to make your event perfect, so don’t forget to take care of them!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

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