5 Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

One of the best parts of wedding planning is cake tasting. But what if you’re not a cake person? (Gasp!) Or maybe you like cake, but you’re looking to do something a little less traditional for wedding dessert? If you’re looking for an alternate idea to a wedding cake, we have some fun options below that are equally delicious and have a unique flare. Plus, some of these options can be a similar substitute to the essential cake cutting photo some couples prefer, while others are a fun and interactive guest experience. We’ve also included a local Chicagoland dessert option that excels in each category!


There are endless options when it comes to cookies and they look great on a cake stand if you’re wanting a similar look. Whether you choose a classic like chocolate chip cookies, a classy option like macarons or a mix of several options, your guests will love it. Insomnia Cookies for cookies and Vanille Patisserie for macarons are some of our favorites!


Similar to cookies, cupcakes have endless flavors, fillings and frostings to choose from and also look great on a cake stand. Molly’s Cupcakes are our go-to choice.

Ice Cream Cart

If you’re looking for a more interactive dessert, ice cream carts are a cool experience (pun intended). Custom ice cream bars can include a variety of dipping and decorating options to make for an interactive guest experience. Dipsy Desserts provides portable ice cream carts with an onsite staff member to guide guests into making their delicious treat.

Donut Truck

Similar to an ice cream cart, a donut truck is a delicious and interactive option for dessert. Wishing Well Donuts is one of our favorites for these sweet and sticky delights. They make mini donuts onsite or in a food truck and include a variety of toppings to make those golden morsels melt in your mouth.

Dessert Table

If you really have a sweet tooth, a dessert table with a variety of selections is a great option to just one wedding cake. Cookies, cakes, candies, pastries, fresh baked good and more—the options are endless for a dessert table. Baker & Hobbs is our favorite choice for all kinds of desserts.

Monday, January 31, 2022

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