6 Tasks To Do Post Wedding

The wedding day is over, and you can breathe a sigh a relief because the planning process had concluded.


It certainly recommended to take a break and enjoy married life as newlyweds after the wedding day, but believe it or not, there are six things left to do when things settled down.

Send thank you cards

Don’t forget to thank your loved ones for their presence and presents. Their support should be acknowledged with a written thank you note. Etiquette says to send thank you cards within 3 months of your wedding date.

Get your wedding dress cleaned/preserved

You may only wear your dress for one day, but you’ll want to consider what to do with it after. It’s essential to get the gown cleaned and it’s optional to get it preserved—both sooner than later. Whether you plan to donate your dress or wear it again later if you’re having multiple celebrations, you should get your wedding gown cleaned as soon as possible because there will likely be dirt, cake, champagne or sweat stains on it. If you’re looking for long-term storage of your dress and want to save it as an heirloom, you’ll want to get your wedding gown preserved (and cleaned first).  

Review your vendors

Your vendors worked hard for you on your wedding day, so don’t forget to show them some love with online reviews. The best compliment you can give your vendors is a referral and referrals come through positive reviews.

Exchange or return unwanted wedding gifts

Wedding registries make it less likely to have repeat gifts, but sometimes is happens. Other times you receive a wedding gift that is simply not your taste. Whatever the situation, after you had a chance to open all your gifts and take inventory of what you want to keep and get rid of, plan a date to return or exchange unwanted items.  Most registry returns need to occur within 3-6 months depending on the store.  

Order copies of your marriage certificate

Your marriage certificate is a significant vital record that is proof of your relationship and identity. Your country clerk will send the original marriage certificate within 2-4 weeks of your wedding date after receiving your filled out marriage license, however you will want to order copies of the marriage certificate to apply for a name change, passport, bank account and other needs. Marriage certificate copies can be purchased online or in person at the county clerk’s office.

Legally change your name (if applicable)

If you plan on changing your name after the wedding, the process can be complicated when you don’t know where to begin. HitchSwitch is a name changing service that is stress-free and straightforward to getting your name changed in a smooth and efficient manner.

Knowledge is power, so knowing these post wedding tasks now can help make the planning process as smooth as possible from the day you get engaged through changing your name.

Friday, July 15, 2022

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