Venues: All-Inclusive or Blank Canvas?

Finding your wedding venue is not only the first wedding task you must complete to secure a date, but it is arguably the most important wedding detail since it will affect how you move forward with the rest of the planning process. 

Whether you choose an all-inclusive or blank canvas wedding venue, your venue (outside of a wedding planner, which we strongly recommend getting one) will likely become your primary go-to resource, so let’s dive into the biggest pros and cons of each option.

All-Inclusive Venue

PRO: The biggest pro of an all-inclusive wedding venue is convenience. If you’re a hands-off, too busy or overwhelmed couple, an all-inclusive venue can be appealing because you have less details to think about, which means you have less decisions to make. Side note: If you choose a wedding venue that naturally incorporates your wedding colors or theme, this is also a great way to save on décor details. 

CON: The biggest con of an all-inclusive wedding venue is choices. There may be a limited number of options available when you choose a venue that is a one-stop shop. This is to be expected since all-inclusive venues have controlled selections to make the most of their packages. That’s not to say that details cannot be customized, but there may be a limit on how much customization can happen.

Blank Canvas Venue

PRO: The biggest pro of a blank canvas wedding venue is customization. If you love details, have unique ideas for your décor, want to differentiate the food, etc., going the blank canvas route might be more appealing because you can hand-pick vendors and elements to reflect your unique ideas. There will be an enormous amount of choices to make (there are a ton of decisions to make during wedding planning, but it will be exponentially higher in this circumstance), but the world is your oyster when it comes to vendors and what you can do. Hiring a wedding planner is always recommended, but it is especially true if you do a blank canvas venue to assist you with all the details. 

CON: The biggest con of a blank canvas venue is cost. There’s a misconception that all-inclusive venues are more expensive because they have food and beverage minimums and include so much that they overcharge, but the reality is a blank canvas venue can get expensive fast. Bringing a bare room to life with lights, flowers, décor and other rentals will come at a cost. 

The venue you choose to host your wedding should ultimately reflect you and your partner’s personality, style and budget, so there is no wrong answer!

Sunday, July 31, 2022

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