7 Creative Wedding Favor Ideas

If you’re thinking about ending your wedding reception on a high note by gifting your guests with wedding favors, we have some advice on what to consider giving away. It’s easy to overthink favors and get caught up on creating an item that is cute, custom and goes with your wedding theme, but the good news is you don’t have to overcomplicate wedding favors.

Guests love favors that fall into three categories: food, drinks and useful items. If your favors fall into one of these categories, you can add a custom note to them and your favors will be a hit amongst your guests. Below are seven wedding favor ideas to consider:


Chocolate Bars

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Whether it’s dark or milk, chocolate bars will be popular among guests with a sweet tooth.

chocolate bars

Late Night Snacks

When guests drink at weddings, they get hungry for late night food. Satisfy your guests’ savory cravings with small boxes of fries, sliders or mini pizzas and their sweet cravings with mini cookies or cupcakes.

late night snacks

Olive Oil

Send your guests home with mini bottles of olive oil. They are a healthy and elegant choice that guests will certainly use for their own cooking.

olive oil


Cocktail Kits

The best weddings keep going long after the reception ends. Send your guests to the after party with ingredients to your favor cocktail (or maybe even your signature wedding cocktail if you had one at your wedding).

cocktail kit

Useful Items


Candles are always a welcomed wedding favor. Whether your wedding is a formal affair or casual event, candles are romantic and an item your guests will use well after your wedding.



Along with candles, matches are a classic wedding favor that doesn’t disappoint. Your guests will likely use this favor well after your event.


Bottle Openers 

Many people crack open a bottle of wine or a beer during the week, so why not gift them with a bottle opener as a wedding favor? Your guests will appreciate the tool to help them wind down after a long work week.

bottle opener

If you’re thinking of having wedding favors at your event, remember that guests love favors that are delicious and/or useful. Keep them simple and add your personal touch to your favors to make the final wedding detail a hit your guests will remember.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

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