Small Touches For Guest Comfort

Your wedding is certainly about you and partner, but since your guests make up the majority of your party, you should take them into consideration when planning your wedding. When you add little touches to your wedding that takes their comfort into consideration, your guests will remember your wedding day well beyond the actual date it takes place.

How can you add guest comfort to your wedding? We have some ideas for you.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception during the warm months of the year, handing out fans to cool off guests is one way to beat the heat. You can even design a wedding program that doubles as a fan! Sunscreen to help your guests stay protected from the sun, bug spray to keep the insects away, umbrellas in case it rains, blankets in case it’s chilly and sunglasses before sunset are some other ways to provide guest comfort for outdoor weddings.

During dinner, give guests an opportunity to provide song requests on note cards to your DJ or band. They may not all be played, but the ones that are will likely result in a more crowded dance floor since the requests are coming directly from guests.

before dancing

Providing a basket of toiletries (deodorant, hairspray, combs, safety pins, etc.) at your venue’s bathrooms is a kind gesture for guests who want to freshen up during a long day of activities and dancing.


When the dancing begins, offer wedding guests flip flops or flats to keep their feet comfortable and the dance floor packed. Guests will appreciate the gesture after being stuck in heels and uncomfortable shoes for hours.

flip flops

Providing transportation at the end of the night is one of the most thoughtful things you can do for your guests. Guests don’t have to worry about driving late at night or having designated drivers if they plan on drinking.

wedding transportation

Welcome bags and wedding favors are also nice things to provide to your nearest and dearest. If you need advice on what items to include, check out our ideas in the links.

Friday, February 15, 2019

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