8 Wedding Trends For 2021

The year 2020 seems frozen in time, but that doesn’t mean wedding styles aren’t changing for 2021. Wedding trends come and go each season, and we’ve got the scoop for next year’s fresh wedding styles. Below are eight of the hottest wedding trends that will hit 2021.

The covid-19 vaccine is great news that shines a light at the end of this dark tunnel of a year, but since it’s still not under control, expect to see a continued increase in the following three wedding trends next year.

Backyard Weddings

This covid trend became popular in 2020, but it shouldn’t be surprising that beautiful, intimate backyard weddings will continue in 2021. Outdoor weddings are certainly a safer type of event to have during this time, but please note they can be more difficult to think through logistically speaking since there are a ton of elements to consider that you normally wouldn’t need to at a regular wedding venue (for example: the bathroom situation, if a tent is needed, how to power the wedding, etc.).

Socially Distanced Layouts

Some seating layouts feel “very covid” which makes guests feel isolated and not very wedding-y. However, some couples are getting more creative and intentional with the their socially distanced layouts by including lounge furniture, inventive ground markers so guests know where they can safely stand, plated meals and tableside beverage service by an attendant to reduce contact.

Personal Charcuterie Boards

Thoughtful food presentation, like plated meals, are certainly on the rise, but individual charcuterie boards in particular are going to be popular next year. Who doesn’t like meat, cheese and bread? These personal and covid-friendly foods are not only easy to serve to guests, but they’re also easy to send to guests who will be attending virtually!

In regard to fashion, below are two wedding trends that will rise in 2021.

Unconventional Attire

Think bridal jumpsuits, capes and original hats or footwear.

Floral Accessories

Along with unconventional attire, expect to see a rise in unique floral pieces. Bouquets are beautiful, traditional florals in a wedding but they can be irritating to transport and carry for images. Floral wristlets, necklaces and headpiece or crowns will become popular for brides and/or their wedding party to wear in 2021.

In regard to guest experience, below will be a rising wedding trend for next year.

Wig Bars

Think an upgraded photo booth prop that makes for a heightened, interactive, memorable and outside-the-box experience for wedding guests.

On the design front, expect to see the following two wedding trends for 2021.

Statement Piece Installations

A statement decorative piece to be the focal point of the room and catch the eyes of guests will become popular in 2021. Think an intricate floral backdrop, balloon installation or hanging decor from the ceiling as the showcase to add both elegance and a pop to the overall design of the room.

Monochromatic Color Schemes

Color is here to stay. To keep it cohesive, expect to see wedding colors and themes to include a few shades of one hue, so the design pops and is eye catching but also chic and simple.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

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