Wedding Details: What to Rent & What to Buy Part 2

Engaged couples, as you start planning your wedding you will quickly realize how much money is going towards your special day. Because the numbers add up fast, you may be unsure what to buy and what to rent to save money. A couple weeks back, we explained five wedding details you should rent to potentially save money and certainly avoid a migraine in the long run.

Today, we will discuss three wedding details you should buy.

Anything Custom

This may seem obvious since custom items would not be able to be rented, but you may be surprised how many things fall into this category. Anything from signage (for example: welcome, seating, dessert and bar signs) to engraved items (for example: champagne flutes or a cake cutting set) to stationery pieces like a seating chart or wedding programs should be bought. Basically anything that is personalized for your wedding should be purchased. 


Renting or borrowing wedding dresses isn’t as popular as renting tuxes, but both are options. Whether it’s a tuxedo, dress, suit or any other outfit for the wedding, it is highly recommended to purchase your clothing. A custom fit outfit can be an investment. Not only will it fit perfectly for the wedding day so you look your best, but depending on what it is, it can potentially be worn again and again to other weddings or special occasions, so you get your money’s worth. A rental or borrowed outfit may look okay, but a custom fit outfit will make a rental outfit look mediocre since the custom outfit will fit like a glove and flatter your body shape.

Jewelry & Accessories

You may think of the obvious items to buy, like your weddings rings, but this also includes any accessories you wear on the wedding day like jewelry (necklace, bracelet, earrings, other rings), shoes, veil, headpiece, garter, lingerie, a wrap or stole, tie, cufflinks, pocket square, suit/tux shoes, socks and more.

Every wedding is different, but these are three wedding details we recommend purchasing for your wedding day. You won’t go wrong with buying custom items, wedding attire and jewelry/accessories since after the wedding day you can keep them as mementos or wear them again!

Monday, November 30, 2020

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