9 Wedding Reception Trends for 2019

Wedding trends come and go each season, and we’ve got the story for 2019 reception trends! Whether you dislike trends or are motivated by them, below are nine of the hottest wedding reception trends that will hit 2019.

Indoor Venues

Couples are coming back inside to ballrooms, loft spaces and restaurants. They are looking for indoor venues that can be customized with flooring, draping, lighting, etc. but are still controlled unlike the outdoors.

indoor wedding venue

Florals Reimagined

Flowers will be found throughout weddings in unexpected places, like on top of bars, on furniture, on table linens and even on wedding dresses.

flowers reimagined

Portrait Studios

The photo booth concept will be elevated or even replaced with Vanity Fair style portrait studios.

portrait studios

Bold Color

Jewel tones are coming in for the New Year. It won’t be repeated blush and champagne weddings.

jewel tone wedding

Graphics = New Monogram

3D printing and vinyl are transforming the standard monogram and will be applied to dance floors, napkins, menus, etc. to add a custom and personal touch to standard items.

wedding graphic

Uber Elegance Returns

Couples will spend money in thoughtful ways, like on multi course meals and detailed table settings, as intentional luxury for their guests.

multi course meal.jpg

White Weddings  

The hue will be reimagined in different chic ways. Whether the color is combined with shades of black and grey to be modernized or shades of gold for warmth and luxury, white weddings are in for 2019.

white wedding.jpg

Favors Return

Since weddings are more elaborate and guests are required to travel, couples are turning to favors to say thank you. Edibles and mini cocktails are a favorite, and the packaging is just as important as the favor.

wedding favor.jpg

Big Installations

Large groupings of flowers and balloon installations will be big.

balloon installation.jpg

Thursday, November 15, 2018


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