5 Ideas for a Halloween Themed Wedding

Happy Halloween from Preoccupied Bride!

October is our favorite month of the year and since October is rapidly becoming the most popular month to get married, we thought it was only fitting to list five ideas for a Halloween themed wedding for all you October lovers out there. Whether you’re looking to have a classy or casual Halloween themed wedding, these ideas will work!

Costume Themed

For the hardcore Halloween fanatics out there, a costume themed wedding might just be a necessity. For those worried about some guests’ choice in attire, request a specific theme, like a masquerade party. They’ll be dressed in their best, but their masks will make a costume themed wedding both elegant and fun.


Black Dresses

Whether it’s for the bride, bridesmaids or both, there’s no better time to wear a little black dress than for a Halloween wedding. The bridal party will feel great in their LBDs, and their look can be spruced up with moody or gothic details by adding pops of red (in the shoes, flowers, lipstick) or black accessories (gloves, shawls, headpieces).

black dresses.png

Pumpkins Galore

A Halloween wedding wouldn’t be complete without its most popular symbol, the pumpkin. Pumpkins spread throughout the décor and details, from pumpkin lined aisles to pumpkin place cards, will give a Halloween themed wedding a bright and rustic flare.


Caramel or Candy Apple Cake

Swap out a wedding cake for caramel and candy apples. It’s not only seasonal but a unique twist to the traditional dessert served for the wedding meal.

caramel apples

Candy Bar

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without candy. Give guests a sugar hangover by having a DIY candy bar with a selection of candies as trick-or-treat favors for home. They can be prepackaged or a build-your-own candy bag.

candy bar

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

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