How to Tackle Wedding Tasks when you are Overwhelmed

how to tackle wedding tasks when you are overwhelmed

Whether you’re just starting out with venue hunting, in the process of booking your most important vendors, trying to finalize the wording of your invitations or buying last minute items before the wedding day, wedding planning can become daunting at any point during the process.

If you’re ready to pull out your hair because of wedding planning, it’s time to take a step back and reevaluate tackling wedding tasks. Below are 4 tactics to help make wedding planning be as efficient and smooth as possible.

Prioritize wedding details 

It’s time to put on your project management hat. Focus on what wedding tasks need to get done each month leading up to the wedding so you have a big picture understanding of what will be accomplished over time instead of concentrating on what seems like a never-ending list of to-do items. Before a new month begins, break down that month’s list of wedding tasks further that need to be accomplished in the week and categorized which ones are the most important, as well which ones will be more time-consuming. Go one step deeper and give yourself daily duties so you’re not overwhelmed and can gradually complete the wedding tasks at hand. Most importantly, determine what are your deal breaker wedding details and focus on getting those done since they’re actually important to you.

Delegate responsibilities to loved ones

You may feel like you and your fiancé have to handle every wedding task that comes your way, but the truth is you likely have friends and family who are asking if they can help you in any way. Our advice is to take them up on their offer! They may not be able to choose your photographer or caterer, but they can certainly assist with putting together invitations, finding wedding music, making spa appointments, planning non-wedding day events and spreading the word about locations, time changes and updates on the wedding day. The point is to delegate the tasks you do not have to be immediately involved in and ask for help.

Utilize your lunch hours and commutes

If you’re doing wedding tasks into the late hours of the night or when you should be working at your job, try utilizing small windows of time efficiently to get wedding tasks completed. For example, lunch hours and commutes to and from work can be used to your advantage. This can be a good time to research wedding details and make phone calls or send batches of emails to vendors.

“No wedding talk” date nights

It’s easy for wedding tasks to become a part of your regular conversations with your fiancé. It’s also easy to argue over wedding tasks if they become a part of your regular conversations. Have consistent date nights with your fiancé and choose not to talk about wedding planning during those times. If you talk about wedding tasks all the time you’ll get burnt out. But if you choose to spend time together that doesn’t revolve around wedding planning you’ll be more refreshed to tackle wedding tasks when you get back at it.

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Monday, October 1, 2018

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