Marriage Advice That Applies To Wedding Planning

marriage advice that applies to wedding planning

Newlyweds get a lot of marriage advice on their wedding day, but those relationship tips are definitely applicable in the engaged-and-stressed-wedding-planning-phase. If you’re going through a rough patch with your fiancé because of wedding planning, take some of our favorite pieces of marriage advice and apply it to you and yours as you wedding plan.

Pick your battles.

Like any couple, you’ll have arguments in your relationship—especially when it comes to wedding planning. You and your fiancé will not agree on every wedding detail. In fact, you may be surprised by what your fiancé does (or doesn’t) care about, so be ready to make compromises along the way while planning.

Forgive and forget.

It’s easy to think every wedding detail is important in the planning process. And if your fiancé doesn’t feel the same way, it can lead to arguments. Communicate, compromise and move forward with no grudges attached because there’s a lot to conquer with wedding planning.

Don’t try to change your partner.

Planning may be your thing, but not your fiancé’s. Of course you’ll need their input on certain elements, but just remember that every wedding detail is not equally meaningful to you and your partner. You’ll avoid many arguments when you stop trying to change your fiancé to want what you want for the wedding.

Make time to go on dates.

Wedding planning can quickly take over your life and your daily routine. Take a break from planning to enjoy each other’s company and don’t mention the word ‘wedding’ while you’re on a date.

Remember the big picture.

It’s easy for wedding planning to consume all your thoughts, but don’t forget your wedding is just the beginning of your married life. Remind yourself frequently the reason why you’re wedding planning in the first place.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

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