What Your Guests Don’t Care About

what your guests don't care about

You want your wedding to be beautiful and your guests to enjoy themselves. Who doesn’t?

For you and your fiancé, there will surely be non-negotiables and top priorities when it comes to certain wedding details. Whatever those things are, make them happen if they are important to you.

However, it may seem like every single detail is significant while wedding planning, but the reality is there are many elements that guests don’t pay attention to—or at very least, pay less attention to than you may realize.

Here are three wedding details your guests don’t care for:


It may be hard to read this, but guests just need the pertinent information about your wedding before the invitation ends up in the trash. Don’t stress too much about cardstock, font and belly bands because your guests will be more excited to attend your wedding than receive a piece of mail about the wedding.

Ceremony Programs

The same concept about invitations applies here, but with an even shorter lifecycle. Guests are more excited about witnessing the ceremony than reading about it, so don’t fret over the programs. If you want guests to understand what’s going on, have your officiant explain any significant moments or traditions during the ceremony. Or if you really want something in writing, place a large poster board or chalkboard with the ceremony schedule at the entrance of the site to give guests a general idea of what will take place before they are seated.

Guest Book

These get pricey, especially when the bells and whistles are added on. Whether you’re thinking about doing a traditional guestbook or alternative ideas like a photo scrapbook, postcards, a world map or jenga blocks, a guest book sounds fun in theory but is totally unnecessary. And honestly, majority of guests don’t sign the guest book because they either can’t find it or forget to. Guests will write well wishes in the cards they give you.

What do guests care about at a wedding? Tune in to the next post to find out!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

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