Wedding Details: What to Rent & What to Buy Part 1

Engaged couples, as you start planning your wedding you will quickly realize how much money is going towards your special day. Because the numbers add up fast, you may think it makes more sense to buy everything, hopefully on discount, to save money rather than rent items. Though buying can be better in some circumstances, there are many times it’s better to rent wedding supplies to save money (and avoid a migraine). Will I use these item(s) again in the future? is the main question to think about. A close second consideration is: Do I have the storage space?

Here are five wedding details you should rent:


From tablecloths to runners to napkins, you should rent linen instead of buying it. Unless you plan on reusing these items over and over again, which is highly unlikely, rent linen to save yourself a lot of stress. Even it’s cheaper to buy them, it’s laborious and timewasting to iron linen before the event, and clean & fold them after the event. Plus, storage is required. With linen rentals, the company will send the linen in nice packaging so it’s wrinkle-free, and they’ll provide a return bag to toss them into after the event is over so cleanup is easy.


You may not even notice it when you’re at a wedding or looking at pictures of a wedding reception, but uplights and additional lighting create an atmosphere in the room and spruce up the overall decor without breaking the bank. Lighting adds so much to the whole design of the event. For example, uplights usually cost $20-30 a piece to rent. $500 in uplights or other lighting can add more to the entire room than other decor elements, which may only cover a few tables or one area of the room. Many DJs and decor companies rent uplights and other lighting, so consider adding these on. You may even save some money on your floral budget.

Vases and Candle Holders

You may think it makes more sense to buy cheap centerpiece containers and votive holders, but you will need to buy dozens or maybe even hundreds of each. Similar to linen, the cleanup is difficult. Who wants to clean melted wax off so many candle holders? Plus you’ll need space to store the items before and after the event.

Tables, Chairs and Furniture

If the venue has tables, chairs and lounge furniture you can use, definitely start there. However, if the venue does not have those items or you’re not into the look of their furnishings, consider renting furniture. The tables may not make as big of a difference, especially if linen will be covering them, but it’s amazing how much the color and look of the chairs can affect the overall design of your wedding. Plus, chairs can serve as two purposes if they are used for both the ceremony and reception. If you’re looking for a cozier atmosphere, consider renting furniture like couches and coffee tables. Rental furniture companies will deliver, setup and pickup these items (for an additional fee), but you won’t have to deal with the timing and logistics of maneuvering multiple and heavy items. 

Chargers, Tableware and Glassware

Some venues will offer renting table items in-house while others may not, so they will suggest getting them through your caterer or another vendor. Table rentals include a ton of items such as chargers, plates (dinner, salad, bread), flatware (forks, knives, spoons), glasses (water, wine, champagne), serving trays, water pitchers, barware and more. Whether you choose fancy or simple table items, you should go the rental route as you will need more items than the number of guests attending your wedding. This is to account for breakage, lost items and guests having multiple food/drink servings. Similar to the other rental suggestions, you will likely not use these items enough times to make it worth a purchase, there’s difficult cleanup and you need a lot of storage space.

Tune in at the end of the month to see what wedding details you should considering buying instead of renting for your wedding day!

Sunday, November 15, 2020

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