Wedding Emergency Kit – What to Realistically Include

wedding day emergency kit

You plan many things for your wedding: the location, the food, the music, the décor. But no matter how well you plan, some snags are bound to happen. You can’t predict all the problems that could potentially occur on your wedding day, but you can prepare for some of them with a wedding day emergency kit.

Wedding day emergency kits ensure the bride, groom and their bridal party have everything they need to make it through the day. Several purchasable or homemade wedding day emergency kits contain several items (sometimes over 50!) to prevent or fix a mishap.

Although it is better to be over prepared than under, there are many items in these kits that go untouched, and essentially, take up unnecessary space. If you are considering what useful things to include in a wedding day emergency kit, here are 10 items that will likely be used:



It’s a good idea to include some cash in the kit in case extra money is needed for vendor tips or someone wants a soda from the vending machine. And if you don’t end up using it, now you have some extra money to spend on the honeymoon!



A wedding is a happy occasion, but it can also be a stressful event (not to mention a long day) that can cause headaches. Have pain relief medicine on hand to prevent the inconvenience. You may want to consider adding allergy medicine as well.



Bridal party members tend to forget to eat throughout the day between getting ready, standing for the ceremony and taking pictures. Pack snacks like granola bars, nuts and candy (nothing too messy) in your kit and no one will get hangry.



Whether it’s a warm day or not, there’s a chance someone forgot to put deodorant on in the morning so having an extra one on hand won’t hurt.


chewing gum

Bridal party members may not eat much during the day if they are busy, but if they’re munching on the delicious snacks you’ve already included in your emergency kit they’ll certainly need gum or mints to freshen their breath! Even if they aren’t snacking throughout the day, bridal party members generally interact with several guests throughout the wedding so fresh breath is still a necessity.



Even if you’re not on your period on the wedding day, one of your bridesmaids likely is. Keep a couple tampons or pads in the kit just in case someone needs one.



Hair strands fall out of place as the wedding day progresses, so it will come in handy to include a hairbrush or comb to maintain wedding hair, especially for pictures. It’s also not a bad idea to have extra hairspray, elastic bands and bobby pins while you’re at it.



The hope is that wedding makeup will last all day, but you never know when you or your bridesmaid will need a touch up. Pack some extra eyeliner, lip gloss, blush or other must-have supplies to keep faces fresh.



For the happy tears or makeup smears, tissues have many purposes so pack a bunch of them.



Whether it’s to cut off loose strands on wedding clothing or to open a package of snacks, scissors will become useful at some point on the wedding day.

Get hitched without a hitch by including these items in a wedding day emergency kit, and you’ll be happy you did!

Friday, June 30, 2017

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