What Should be Included in your Wedding Venue Contract

wedding venue contract

Your wedding venue, especially for a reception with catering, can take up as much as half of your overall wedding budget, so you want that contract to cover key points and be in its best state to properly protect your wedding. Note: Do NOT sign a wedding venue contract on the spot. You should read through it carefully and consider any details that may need to be edited or added. If you’re working with a professional and reputable venue, it won’t be an issue for the venue to make some updates to the contract.

Long story short, the more details written in the contract, the better. So what should be included in a wedding venue contract? Below are the basics any venue contract should have.

  • Client name(s), wedding date and start and end times of the event
  • Exact names of the specific rooms being used at the venue
  • A detailed description of the venue space including any amenities like a stage, bridal room, etc.
  • An itemized list of what the venue will provide such as tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware, waitstaff, etc.
  • Proof of their liquor license (if applicable)
  • Contact person/manager at the venue who will oversee your event
  • Required deposit amount and payment schedule for the remaining balance with due dates
  • Any additional fees (tax, gratuity, setup/cleanup, overtime charges)
  • Total cost (itemized)
  • Cancellation and refund policies
  • Approximate number of guests
  • Number of tables and chairs and a floor plan if possible
  • Vendor setup time blocks
  • Any specifics related to your event such as liquor and meal details including children and/or vendor meal choices and prices, liability policy for alcohol distribution to underage guests, staff-to-guest ratio, valet or bathroom attendants, inclement weather plan (if applicable), etc.
  • Does the venue have an escalation clause? An escalation clause in a contract allows for an increase in wages and prices under certain conditions. A well-written wedding contract will lock in the pricing you’ve agreed on.

Carefully read your wedding venue contract, including the fine print, and make sure it spells out all the services, products and pricing so there are no surprises. And most importantly, get everything in writing.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

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