What should go in your welcome bags?

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There are a ton of details to plan when it comes to weddings. One of the details that can get overlooked during the planning process is personalized wedding bags for guests. A welcome bag can be a nice gesture to out-of-town guests coming in for your wedding.

There are several items available to fill your welcome bags, but below are seven of our favorite items that wedding guests appreciate and use:

The Container

Whether it’s a tote, box or basket, you’ll need something to put all your welcome items in. If you want to really personalize your welcome container, you can add a custom slogan, image or color scheme. (And in most cases the chosen container can be reused again!)


Wedding Schedule

Weddings generally have several activities that take place over the week or weekend. Make sure your guests know when and where they should be during the wedding festivities by providing a schedule that includes all the important information they need to know such as location, time, parking situation, dress code, etc. for each activity.


Drinks & Libations

Whether it’s a bottle of water, soda or champagne (or a mix of beverages), your guests will appreciate some sips.


Eats & Treats

Drinks and snacks go hand-in-hand. Keep it simple and load your welcome bags with some of your favorite sweet and salty snacks.


The Fundamentals

Think about items guests may have forgotten to bring and would find useful like a mini lint roller or stain remover wipes. Guests will appreciate one or two useful items that may become handy during the wedding weekend.


Local Items

A great way to personalize your welcome bags is to include an item that is from your local area and/or goes with your wedding theme. For example, a wedding in Chicago could include a Windy City favorite of Garrett Popcorn or Frango Mints.

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Hangover Kit

Anything you need to fight off the dreaded post-party hangover like Emergen-C, Advil, antacids, eye drops, mouthwash and gum/mints will be a crowdpleaser to wedding guests.

hangover kit

Whether the wedding takes place in town or out of the country, most couples have family or friends who travel for their big day, so welcome bags are extremely popular and add an extra personal touch to wedding guest comfort.

Friday, August 31, 2018

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