Why Couples Should Hire A Professional Officiant

It’s become a popular trend to have a couple’s friend or family member serve as their officiant on the wedding day. While this can be a special and unforgettable experience for the couple and their beloved one, there’s a good reason we recommend engaged couples hiring vendors to take care of most of their wedding details—it’s their job.

Seasoned wedding officiants aren’t just there to make sure the marriage license is signed correctly and turned in on time. They provide a quality, seamless, focused and stress-free experience to their engaged couples because they have the necessary skills to create memorable ceremonies. Here are three reasons, or skills, wedding officiants have that should cause you to consider hiring a professional.  

A wedding officiant can help you write your ceremony.

A professional officiant will spend time getting to know you and your partner to write a beautiful ceremony. S(he) will work with you two to edit your entire ceremony, so there are no uncomfortable surprises on the wedding day, and assist with writing your wedding vows if necessary. A professional officiant will have appropriate storytelling skills and focus to create an engaging ceremony.

A wedding officiant is comfortable with public speaking.

While a friend or family member may have years of history with you and your partner, it doesn’t mean s(he) is capable of standing in front of a crowd of dozens or hundreds and keeping guests engaged for 30-60 minutes. With a professional officiant, s(he) will be eloquent, clear and focused during the ceremony to conduct a flawless performance.

A wedding officiant can customize your ceremony.

A professional officiant can modify, adapt and fuse traditional, cultural, religious or even new elements but still keep the structure of the ceremony intact, so it’s uniquely yours.

A professional wedding officiant has a lot to offer long before the actual ceremony as an interviewer, writer, editor and public speaker on the wedding day. There’s a level of professionalism and peace of mind you’ll get when you hire a wedding officiant to take care of your ceremony.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

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